Fresh off the plane

21st February – The buzz of being back in Buenos Aires 2013

After an 11 and half hour flight to Santiago, 4 and a half lay over where I was franticly booking bus tickets to prove my exit out of Argentina through websites in Spanish. Which involved me going from Google maps, google translate, lonely planet and the bus website. Have to say I was frustrated at myself for not being so organised! Then back on the plane for 2hours into Buenos Aires. It was then another bus trip into the city, then a cab to the hostel. As soon as I was back in the city, I remembered the buzz of Buenos Aires I had first encountered 3 years ago. Beautiful European inspired Architecture, the madness of traffic and the Latino feel vibrating throughout the city. The cab driver was squeezing into lanes that didn’t exist and I was sure we would be taken out if not by another car, most definitely a massive garbage bin. But all the same, being back in this city on sunset brought back many fond memories.

Buenos Aires bound via Santiago
Buenos Aires bound via Santiago


I spent the next day readjusting to my new time zone, then wandering the streets of San Telmo. A beautiful suburb of Buenos Aires beaming with beautiful Architecture, momuments and cobble stone courts. I found a classic antique bookstore with spiral staircases and vintage bookcases, like something out of a 1950’s film. I wandered back to the hostel and met up with young Millie who flew into Buenos Aires the same day as me. It was lovely seeing a familiar bubbly face from home. We sat on the rooftop terrace with our home-style stir-fry and her two friends chatting about our adventures. Back in BA and happy to be here.

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