Day 1 – In the beginning

17th February 2013

So the traveling em’s adventures have began. I will be sharing my stories and pictures of my travels over the next 12 months (or until the moolah runs out) right here on the traveling em blog. Please comment and share as I would love hear from all of you! So let the travels begin…

After waking with a ever so slight hang over from one of the most memorable weddings, it was time to get down to business. I tried so hard to be organised, packing in the days leading up to the big adventure before but in true emy style, I was still packing my carry on luggage in the back seat of the car on the way to the Brisbane Airport. After arriving at the airport and deciding to ditch the surfboard, I was STILL re-packing right up until check in time. Leaving me a frazzled traveling Em. Good old logically thinking mumsy stepped in, got me organised and only then was I ready to depart Australia. After few rushed teary farewells, I set off to departures for my first stop New Zealand. Once I was through customs, trying to find food, I had a lovely surprise hanging over the upper level railing yelling out to me. The best looking family I’ve ever seen, mum, dad, Kate & Nick with their big smiles waving goodbye. No tears this time, just laughs.

The flight was quite comfortable despite an adorable toddler sitting behind me, pulling on my chair every 5 minutes. And the safety instructions were delivered by Hobbit’s and other Middle Earth creature’s on the Air New Zealand flight, bloody Kiwi’s trying to grab their claim to fame anyway they can! I had a cosy little nap and was served a delicious salmon and salad meal much to my surprise as the check in lady had told I wouldn’t get a meal and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast! I have to say, I was very happy my Virgin flight had been codeshared with Air Zealand. The echoing of kiwi accents all around was starting to get me excited to see my family.

After arriving at Auckland Airport with a bit of cheek from the Customs Officers, I had finally arrived to New Zealand safe and sound. It was off to Tirau, the Pacey farm with my Aunty Lynn and the little jack russell, Robbie. And of course the cricket blaring, New Zealand taking a victory over England. Definitely wouldn’t of been the case if the Kiwi’s were playing Australia. A wonderful beginning to my adventures.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – In the beginning

  1. Hey Em great to catch up with you in the homeland! Hope flight to South America and your Dventures over the last few days have been awesome. Look forward to reading about it. Hope you got the luggage sorted ok before leaving nz – no mum around to assist now! Travel safely. Di xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Di! Has been a wonderful trip so far! Just returned from 10 days at a Yoga retreat now it’s time to travel πŸ™‚ Haha, I need Mum to pack my bag every time, pity she can’t follow me on my travels πŸ˜‰ Take care and talk to you soon. Lots of love xxx

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